Work Package Leader

Ulf Miehe
KWB - Berlin Centre of Competence for Water


Work Package 3: Constructed wetlands and other natural systems for improved wastewater treatment

Demonstrate the combination of constructed wetlands (CW) and other natural treatment systems with different technical post- or pre-treatment options such as ozonation, bioreactor systems or disinfection in pilot and full scale sizes in different European climates (UK, Germany, Greece) for innovative and resource-efficient treatment of wastewater and combined sewer overflows. Specific goals of WP3 are to:

  • Demonstrate the impact of CW as low energy post-treatment for ozonation of WWTP effluent, especially regarding removal of micropollutants and microbiological contamination at pilot plant scale (Site 12, Germany)
  • Demonstrate the flexible use of CW for combined CSO treatment and WWTP polishing at full scale targeting the reduction of nutrients, heavy metals, micropollutants and pathogens (Site 11, Germany)
  • Demonstrate the application of CW as pre-treatment for disinfection targeting water reuse applications for treatment of primary effluent at full scale (Site 10, Greece)
  • Demonstrate the use of cNES for nutrient removal and surface water protection at small WWTP (Site 13, UK)
  • Establish design and marketing recommendations for combining constructed wetlands with engineered systems
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