AUTARCON is specialized in the development, construction and installation of decentralized water treatment units that can be run without the external supply of energy and chemicals as well as on online monitoring of water qualities and system treatment performance. The company was founded in 2010 as Spin-off from Kassel University and has implemented its technology in 10 countries since then.

The core component of the SuMeWa|SYSTEM called technology is an inline electrolytic (AO) unit to disinfect drinking or treated wastewater for a pathogen free and safe water supply. Drinking water disinfection units are installed worldwide with a current focus on Africa (Egypt and Tanzania). Units for the disinfection of treated wastewater are currently being implemented in India.

The SME has extensive experience in collaborating in international research projects (e.g., SWINGS, UFCl2, SolArEx) and has proven to be a reliable partner especially when it comes to in-field experience. AUTARCON currently employs six people, mostly engineers.

Main tasks in the project:

  • WP 1: AUTARCON will implement test and evaluate a solar driven treatment unit that is especially developed for pumping and disinfecting bank filtrate. Before its safe disinfection by inline electrolytic chlorine production from natural salt content of the water it can also be pre-filtered. Water quality and system performance will be online monitored and made available through a SCADA System. Integration of UF membranes into treatment setting with automated backwash and system cleaning.
  • WP 7 Market studies, exploitation & dissemination: development of an adapted water treatment product for operation in developing regions, focus on on-site disinfection using electrolysis exhibition in India
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