Budapest Waterworks

The 147-year-old company provides water to the population of Budapest and the surrounding settlements. Budapest Waterworks is in charge of water production from 740 wells with bank filtration along the Danube River, the maintenance and repairing of their 5,200 km long distribution network, and serves 2 million clients at the end of the 250,000 service connections whose aggregated maximum daily demand is 581,000 m3. The number of employees is 1,750. Through the implementation of active leakage control activity, district-metered areas and other measurements and processes during the last years, the company managed to decrease the Non-Revenue Water (NRW) rate below 16%.

Through a wide network of partner universities, industrial partners and SMEs a continuous participation in R+D+I projects is ensured. The water supply network, the laboratories and other premises of the company serve mainly as test and pilot fields for these activities.

Budapest Waterworks research and development activities focus on supply network management, pressure management, loss management / NRW-reduction and mobile water treatment. Relevant employees are regularly taking part in conferences, seminars and trainings.

Main tasks in the project:

  • WP1. Demonstration of bank filtration operation, optimized usage of Cl2 and other technologies. Coupling of bank filtration and UV and RO in cooperation with EJC. Innovative concepts for well operation & protection during floods and droughts.
  • WP7. Dissemination and exploitation
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